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Welcome to our Online Classes!

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In almost 20 years of practice and more than 10 of teaching,

we have learnt that Yoga is not about flesh and bones, is not about feeling happy and relaxed. Having a healthy body and feeling peaceful is just the condition you must achieve in order to have a good breeding ground where the seed of your consciousness can blossom. This is the essence of our classes. 

The practice of Yoga and Meditation is an opportunity to enter into deep contact with yourself,  to observe and reconsider your 

priorities and to return to the authentic meaning of existence.


The Kundalini energy is usually represented as a snake sleeping at the base of the spine, waiting to be awakened.

It is nothing but the energy of consciousness waiting to expand. 

Through postures (asanas), movement, breath (pranayama), sounds (mantra) and meditation we will reach our higher potential liberating our creative energy.


Every Saturday from 10.00 till 11.30. Upcoming Classes:

October 3rd               Purifying your Lungs

October 10th             Toning your Kidneys

October 17th             Conquer your Weakness

October 24th            Be Aware, Intelligent & Radiant

October 31st              Healthy Bowel System



Comfy at your home! All classes are live-streamed via Zoom.


Single Class: € 15

Block of 5 Classes: € 60

Payments can be done through money transfer (contact us) or via

PayPal by simply entering the email 

To participate please send an email to and we will take care to send you the link to access to our classes. 

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Danilo & Paolo
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Danilo & Paolo
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Join our free live-streamed meditations, open to everybody!

Every Wednesday from 18.00 till 18.30 we offer a

Free Meditation to maintain a peaceful flow throughout the week.


Free Full Moon Meditation:

Thursday October 1st from 19.30 till 20.00

To participate simply send an email to and we will take care to send you the link to access to our meditations. 

If you wish to support us

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Paolo and Danilo met in 2007 in the beautiful Italian city of Turin. Immediately they started to practice together to get closer to themselves and to give a deeper meaning to their relationship. 

Yoga has changed their lives. Especially after the encounter with Yogi Ram in 2009, in Rishikesh (North India) to whom they go every year to deepen their Yogic studies and practices.

They feel extremely blessed to have discovered this precious path that fills their hearts with joy and gratitude.

Their intention is to share their deep interest in Yoga and Meditation with those people who are oriented towards an authentic and honest cultivation of the Self. 

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For info & inquiry please write an email to:

"The mind is everything.

What you think you become." 


~ Buddha ~

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"...When it comes about Yoga I'm new into this world, also always struggling to find a practice where I can be good with myself and not leave feeling frustrated or in pain. Today I had such a big surprise, by the end of the class I was feeling so good in the sitting position, and guess what? It was the first time in my life I did not feel any back pain!!! OHHHH, I'm SO HAPPY... 

The energy coming from both of you is just incredible, how the class flow is great and it was everything I was needing at the moment, finding a connection between body, mind and soul, relaxing and keep some kind of peace..." 




"...It was a very grounding experience, giving safety, feeling at home and connected..."



"...What a wonderful and powerful meditation! I've missed it to chant and meditate with you!..."



 "...I think you two are an excellent teaching team and appreciated how you switched it up to keep the balance between narration/demonstration. I think it was a meaningful choice to add all participants one by one and, after brief hellos, to have everyone muted so that the peace was kept... I thought the audio was pretty perfect. The music, when playing, was at the right volume. You both have beautiful voices, I keep thinking to myself, but at some moments you spoke too softly while guiding us in and out of the Mantras. That’s where I felt like I needed the most instruction. 



"...It was a very nice lesson and it helps me to get my mind a bit more free. The last week was very hard... So the 1 and 1/2 hours today morning were very good. It felt like a bit normalization. I hope you will offer some more webinars.

It would make me happy :-)  ..."



"...that was exactly what I needed! I feel good and recharged. Please keep on going with this powerful Workshops,

also when this difficult time will be over!..." 



"I participated with great joy! You two are so united, so professional and welcoming. I perceived the same atmosphere that I felt during the Yoga practice we had in Delhi in the Aurobindo Ashram..."



"...I want to thank you for this amazing classes! I think that Kundalini Yoga is really good for this time and it was great to feel your energy through the computer even if I'm here in Berlin. I feel that Kundalini Yoga is a spiritual practice and this is what is needed now. I have to take the time to slow down internally and I've realized that..."



"...It was very nice to discover a full Kundalini Yoga session which I have never done actually. I really, really enjoyed!..."

© 2017 by Paolo Amerio. All rights reserved. Designed by Danilo Floreani.

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